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Kenroy GobourneSoftware Developer from Portland 🇯🇲I love learning, solving problems, writing code, and helping other people do the same
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My backstory

From as far back as I can remember I’ve liked figuring things out. These days I satisfy that curiosity by writing code and building software that solves real problems.

My foray into the world of computing is completely incidental. For most of my teenage life I was dead set on becoming a medical doctor. In Jamaica that means getting accepted into the MBBS program at the University of the West Indies. If it was left up to me that would be the only program I applied for, but the university forces you to choose four (4) options when applying. One of those choices was computer science.

After getting into the MBBS program, the financial plan started to fall apart and I quickly realized I would have to major in one of my other options. I ended up choosing computer science over actuarial science with the flip of a coin.

Ever since that day in January 2015 when I wrote my first line of code, I’ve been in love with the discipline.

Most of the code I write is done professionally and subject to non-disclosure agreements. Other things you can find on my GitHub profile.

Some things I've made in my spare time

Even though I usually don’t finish most of my hobby projects, I decided to include them anyway because I think we can all relate.

GitLab runner logo

GitLab Runner Custom Executor

A custom executor for Gitlab runner written in Go, meant as a replacement for docker-machine in the autoscale configuration
Gradle logo

IIB Gradle Plugin

This is a gradle plugin to allow developers to package their Java code up as a BAR file for deployment to the IBM Integration Bus (IIB)
Kotlin logo

The Case for Kotlin

This is my attempt to convince you that replacing Java with Kotlin will make for a much better developer experience
Credit cards icon

Payment Card Tools

A set of utility functions to perform various operations on payment card data
Database icon


A Kotlin DSL that almost makes writing queries pleasant
email icon


A kotlin library that sends email using javamail. That's it, that's all it does - because sometimes that's all you want to do
Python logo

Learn Python

My attempt to teach a noob how to code. I've never done this before, and even though I'm fairly confident in my ability to write code and develop software, I believe a true test of one's expertise is in his ability to inculcate his knowledge in others.